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A brand of lotion made by Kao Brands.
Use of Jergens lotion will prevent one's skin from appearing ashy.
by DeJuan March 22, 2005
A brand of lotion, produced by Kao Brands.
Scientific research has shown that Curél® lotion locks in moisture for 24 hours to keep skin looking & feeling beautiful.
by DeJuan March 22, 2005
In baseball, the fastball pitch. At the major league level, the heater generally travels to the batter a speed of 95 mph or more.
Already ahead 0 balls and 2 strikes, Randy Johnson threw the heater to complete the strikeout.
by DeJuan December 15, 2004
A brand of antiperspirant/deodorant.
By applying ban antiperspirant/deodorant to the underarms, one can prevent odor.
by DeJuan March 22, 2005
A convenience store commonly found in Pennsylvania and surrounding states.
Ooh ahh wawa! Why do people love our coffee?
by DeJuan December 09, 2004

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