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3 definitions by DeFlap

The fucking DEATH STICK. Brings death apon unsuspecting VC bastards. You have to be careful though, you are silhoutted out there on the pier.
I shot that dude in the base of the skull right after he spawned with my death sitck, I mean Dragonov!
by DeFlap July 31, 2003
4 8
A publication our of Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point. Demands human sacrifices.
The Windsock stole my soul, then told me about the return of Marine Attack Squadron 542!!
by DeFlap July 23, 2003
3 13
Internet 1st person shooter that pits US forces against the evil commies of Vietnam. Includes cool weapons to shoot people in the neck with. See dragonovYou can also knife unsuspecting people in the back when they are trying to pick up a weapon. See dragonovYou can also throw grenades and light people on fire. Over all its the shit.
I love shooting people in the base of the skull when I play Vietcong.
by DeFlap July 23, 2003
19 41