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The act of a grown man being raped violently in a male locker room by a 10-year-old boy.
Corey:"That game was fucking awful, the only thing that could make life worse would be if I got Sandusky'd right now."

Jon: "True, the game was horrible and being Sandusky'd would suck but don't overlook if you got Reverse Sandusky'd; that'd be way worse."
by DeCarl December 05, 2011
The act of urinating on a Packers' fan, preferably during a Packers game.
That dumb bitch Angie was rooting hard for the Packers so I taught her a lesson with a golden cheesehead.
by DeCarl February 01, 2011
A term for the preemptive placement of toilet paper from the pubis to the chest to catch one's ejaculum while masturbating.
Danny: "Hey man, you have any dirty socks for me to use? I just got the new Sasha Grey flick."

Noah: "No sorry, I just did my laundry but I just got back from Sam's so I have plenty of ammo for making a tp runway if you want."
by Decarl February 28, 2011

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