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The french part of Canada, makers of the original POUTINE. Legal drinking age : 18, real drinking age : 13.
Quebec's a rolling party!
by DeBuDGuY March 30, 2003
Leader of an ego-centric society, thinks thw world is his alone, and will do everything to conquer it. Also see Terrorist.
georges w. bush just launched a nuke on himself
by DeBuDGuY March 30, 2003
Guy'S heaven, for every guy, there's about 4 beutiful girls, also the location of the world's heaviest drinkers.
Gimme two beers, i'm from the Saguenay
by DeBuDGuY March 30, 2003
1. A lost place in the north of canada, city is actually forms a wall to stop the north winds fro mreaching the south.
2. Also a type of person who loves being lost in small towns.
Thank god for fermont, or the weather would be damn cold.
by DeBuDGuY March 30, 2003
Someone who's gaym and acts like a real dumbass
Shut the hell up GayAss.
by DeBuDGuY March 30, 2003
A place to look up funky words, or make some up with a very interesting definition.
Hey! Have you seen the urbandictionary meaning for yo
by DeBuDGuY March 30, 2003
Person who usually smells very funny
Hey! Hide the money under the soap! the Hippy will never find it!
by DeBuDGuY March 30, 2003
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