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To do something brilliant, but have no-one around to see it. So therefore null and void.
I can't believe it, I did 2.6 million kick-ups with that flat rugby ball, however it was Gwagg.

I ran the 100 metres in 6.7 seconds, but it was Gwagg.

Gwaggin' hell! I just got 7 hole in ones in one round of golf, but as per usual its twattin' Gwagg!
by Dazma October 25, 2004
To be looking forward to something only to have it snatched away from you. Ebay being a prime example.
I couldn't believe it, I had the rights to the entire Beatles back catalogue for £4.10 and along comes 'Cockhummer83' and makes it £4.11 with 30 seconds to go! How Typically Topulous

I downloaded a porno entitled Britney Spears sucks, licks and fucks. However it turned out to be a corrupt file, but I reckon it was the Bang Bus i've seen 100 times before. How Topulous.
by Dazma October 25, 2004
The opposite of a Honkey, the guy who owns a nob so pathetic that even that knat that's flying around the studio laughs at Peob.
She had a Bovobuar Thogg but still Peob never touched the sides.
by Dazma October 25, 2004
A girl who appears in Porno's and is dirtier than the whole population of Andorra, but the like you will never ever Meet...or Meat.
Christ! She's swollowed every drop of those 300 men, she's proper Smaggs.
by Dazma October 25, 2004
For a girl to have so much meat injected in her she resembles the old classic game Kerplunk.
Jesus! I didn't think it possible to fit 3 in there! She's well Kerplunk.
by Dazma October 25, 2004

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