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(noun) the buttocks, or in some cases, the butthole. It is made to sound like the spanish equivalent to buns, but in fact is not spanish at all.
Boss: "Have you finished those reports yet!?!
Guy: "How about you shove it up your buniertos!!"

Girl on subway: "AHH! Someone just grabbed my buniertos!!"

Girl: "Who are you going to vote for mayor?"
Guy: "I don't give a rat's buniertos who wins"
by Daze80 February 15, 2006
When a sports team loses on purpose. Usually done at the end of the season to secure a better draft pick for next year.
Guy1: Man, this team sucks.
Guy2: Yeah, but their tanking anyway to get the 1st overall draft pick next year.
by Daze80 February 02, 2007

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