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3 definitions by DazCaz

Chowing down on the asian flavoured lady garden
"Hey Raj, what are you up to tonight?"
"Well Harpreet is bringing her friend round who I'm hoping to get some spicy Punaani Bread from."
by DazCaz January 16, 2014
German food poisoning, forcing one to puke & squit out one's internal organs with vigor and venom
"Hey Rach, why aren't you in work this week?"

"Yo Carrie, I've been Berlin Hurlin'"

"Ewww gross, did you bring back any lederhosen?"
by DazCaz January 31, 2014
The art of talking too long about self pleasure. Procrastinating for wankers.
John "and then I wanked, then I wanked some more, then I had dinner, then wanked again and again"
Dave "stop promasturbating you bell end"
by DazCaz December 03, 2013