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2 definitions by Dayzi

An acronym for ass-crack-of-dawn. Can emcompass "at the" along with ass crack of dawn
I need you to be at my house ACOD.
If we get up ACOD, then we can beat the early shoppers and get the best sales.
by Dayzi January 31, 2006
WTF-1.)a newly accepted universal acronym that can be used as a functional noun or adjective.
Also is used to describe broad situations in which no other words can describe in the form of an interrogative.

1. That's a WTF, man!
2. That movie was WTF.
Situation: You receive a paper back from a teacher that was graded at a C+. You see that you lost 10 points for using "lower case NUMBERS". What do you say to that situation? You can only say, WTF?
by Dayzi October 26, 2005