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a person who posess an abundance of enthusiasm and a questioable intelligence, whose company often results in amusing consequences. usually likable and friendly crinks can also be unpredictable. those whose actions and opinions (rarely malicious) are often carried out under misguided preconceptions. common term in north west. possibly originating as a compound of the words crank and chwink-(welsh slang term)
a crink would express opinions or undertake actions inappropriate to a given situation. occiasionally causing offence (without intent) to individuals unfamiliar with their personality. frequently providing entertainment and joviality to those who are acquainted with their idiosyncrasies.
by Dayv _B June 03, 2007
n wales. an inbred person. usually seen wearing wellies or driving tractors, generally reluctant to converse in english. often a welsh nationalist who will hold extremely negative veiws on any indivdual not immediately connected to him/herself by either culture or language. always suspicious of 'outsiders'.
D:'that fella was a proper cabbage kicker! see the way he looked at us for speaking english!'
P:'yeah, f***in joskins do my nut in!'
by Dayv _B June 03, 2007
cool or fashionable footwear, often reserved for use on nights out.
'i just copped one hell of a set of of dancers lad! they're proper smart. gonna wear em tonight. laffin!'
by Dayv _B June 03, 2007

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