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What occurs when a particlarly slow moving vehicle attempts to overtake and equally slow vehicle on the road/motoway/highway/freeway.
Sh*t, now we have to wait for that bus to slowvertake that truck.
by Daytona675 July 13, 2010
Your road rep is based on factors relating to your presence on the road. these will inclued your vehicle, driving style, music choice, accessories and general road behavior.

BMW and Porsche drivers have zero road rep. Road rep is negatively affected if you are motoraped.
Check out that guy in his clapped out wreck with madonna blasting out. He has no road rep.
by Daytona675 July 13, 2010
When one motrist performs a manouver on another forcefully to gain an advantage. getting past a car that is driving in the fast lane by undertaking in the slow lane would be motorape.

Drivers of BMW 3 series, X5's and Porsches are motoraped as they think they are so awesome but infact have small c0cks.
That BMw got totally motoraped by that audi. That will dent his road rep.
by Daytona675 July 13, 2010
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