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End of summer bash in Detroit, showcasing local collective creativity, for the intent of opening minds and hearts to different sub and counter cultures. Mostly the dopest party you'll attend. Enlightening and inspiring.
Hey Bam Bam, did you have a good time at the ding dangger?

You know it, it was the greatest get-down of the season.
by Dayrock January 01, 2011
the pinnacle of an amazing experience that needs to be expressed. like hitting a nitrous balloon, when your brain is hitting a freighter (metaphorically), and you suddenly have a mindful of blinky toys.
Guy 1:"How was that whip-it bra, fuckin titties or what?"

Guy 2:"It was a fuckin ding dangger, B"
by Dayrock January 01, 2011
a cocktail containing jack daniels and doctor pepper. goes well with wookies
Excuse me bartender, can i get a motha fuckin dr.daniels over here
by Dayrock January 01, 2011
phrase to announce your desire for a reaction from random people, indicating a need to change the balance of positivity. can be highly contagious. usually yelled.
to neighbor mowing lawn: "yo, can i get a faaaat biiiiird"
to lady in grocery store: "Hey muffins, fat bird!"
when seeing an american flag:"god bless america, can i get a fat bird"
by Dayrock January 01, 2011

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