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Fallback sex is the kind of sex you can easily negotiate to in lieu of intercourse. Generally its manual or oral or a combination of the two.
i always know that Keith will be fine with a good hand job and a moment or two of oral sex..so i like to stay on top of my fallback sex techniques...its not as messy..
by DaynaS February 18, 2008
using that slick tooth brush device to provide indescribable bliss..
I woke so refreshed after a nice shower and a jolting Sonicargasm..oh and minty fresh...
by DaynaS May 26, 2008
The last supper is when you break up with a guy who unfortunately if amazing at oral sex but a flop in so many other ways,, but you get one more paralyzing bout of oral sex before you tell him its over..of course you also do not fuck him..thats just wrong and selfish...maybe
Yah i had to let Jay go last night but i made sure he had a last supper on my bill..hey hes talented..
by DaynaS February 27, 2008
1968 movie centering on a English boys boarding school starring, Malcolm McDowellCLOCKWORK ORANGEwhich tells a vivid story with dramatic cinematography of a violent uprising on that campus..If....you are trying to sort out why our own campuses are being shot up you might want to watch this one soon.
Even though it's now 40 yrs old that movie If....really could be about a lot of the things happening in society today,,I think Malcolm McDowell was knighted if not he should be..
by DaynaS February 24, 2008
A very catchy sweet term of exclamation used in the movie CLUELESSby Alicia Silverstone's character Cher, its not dismissive just clever acknowledgment
Of course we are going to SEX AND THE CITY ,,,TSCHA now get dressed...sexy..!!
by DaynaS June 15, 2008
An incredibly strong baking icing made with confectioners sugar and this off the wall stuff called meringue powder. You will see it on Gingerbread houses and all kinds of decorating of baked goods..but its also the cute kind of smooth crust on your guys mouth in the morning from when he has given you post coital orgasms which can only be called splendid and the crust stuff which was his hunka burnin hot semen is what I call Royal Icing..
" You know how romantic i get around Christmas?? well Jake and i were up making dozens of gingerbread men.. and of course that led to very good sex..well of course in the morning I found his mouth had an abundant amount of his Royal Icing on it....which was way sweeter then the cookies.Thank God he's not squeemish about going down on me even after fucking me into the new year..
by DaynaS February 18, 2008
When confronting the ATM machine and a prayer for forgiveness in the hopes there will be money for a night out or shoes. It's very Catholic.
" Shhhhh.. can't you tell she's at the ATM confessional this is a very private moment..."

Pleeeze...just 3 twenty's.....
by DaynaS May 28, 2008

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