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This is the face a baby makes when they are "busy" pooping their pants. The Poopy Face usually begins when the baby suddenly stops playing and gets very still and quiet. Then their eyes get a certain look, a "glassy-eyed" look as some mothers discribe it, as their face turns a deep shade of red. After the baby's face turns red, they will often furrow their brow, and grimace, as they push and strain to fill the back of their diaper with poop. With the Poopy Face, there is usually grunting sounds, (sometimes loud grunting sounds) along with lot's of tooting (passing gas.) When a baby makes a Poopy Face, it always attracts the attention of mothers and caregivers, especially when the Poopy Face is accompanied by grunting and tooting sounds. Mothers and caregivers will often smile and coo to the baby as they make the Poopy Face, knowing that a diaper change is on the way. Usually a Poopy Face will last for 5 to 10 minutes, but some infants and toddlers will make a Poopy Face for longer period of time. Some mothers and caregivers have called the Poopy Face, "The Two Minute Warning", because when a baby makes a Poopy face, a diaper change is coming.
by Daycare Mom February 02, 2010
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