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v. To accidentally receive poop on the tip of your wiping hand's finger(s).
Bob: Dude did you pick shit up!?
Joe: Nah.. I just had a Tipslip
Bob: Oh...
#accident #tipslip #shit #poop #wiping
by DayToDay July 18, 2011
When someone who you don't have classes, talks or acts stupid outside of school but says, "I have better grammar in class."
Person 1: "We should go to the beach."
Person 2: "For we get darker? Nah."
Person 1: "It's SO not FOR."
Person 2: "Yeah, I talk stupid out of school, cause it really doesn't matter.
Person 1: (Thinking) Yeah sure, your just Secretly Stupid.
#fake #unreal #idiot #dumb #stupid
by DayToDay July 10, 2011
When you post something with a typing error or wrong information on it... Soon after the post you realize it. Then a Douche Bag comes and comments on it and points out what your mistake was that you already knew.
I Post: "Casey Antony found guilty of murder, yes she's going to jail!"
HLN: "Casey Anthony will be released July 17, after being found guilty for lying to law enforcements."
(I go to look back at my post)
Poster-Douche 1: "Stupid idiot it's "Anthony" not "Antony"! She was found guilty of lying to law enforcements dumb ass!
Poster-Douche 2 (Follows along): "Fucking idiot spell right! And get your fucking facts straight!
#poster-douche #douche bag #dick #captain obvious #jerk
by DayToDay July 10, 2011
When you make fun of or hate someone's features, race, intelligences, weight, or etc. that you ironically have or resemble.
(Your watching a show with a fat person on it and Person 1 is actually fatter)
Person 1: "Haha, fat people are so disgusting!"
Person 2: "But your fat."
Person 1: "Yeah but it gives me Self-Enthusiasm."

Person 2: "That's sad..."
Person 1: (Silence)
#reflection #truth #facts #messed up #weird
by DayToDay July 10, 2011
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