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2 definitions by DayLeeOwn

Originated on Call of duty mw2 referring to the heart beat sensor but has moved to black ops as well referring to Motion sensors. It is a phrase meant to demean the person using the motion sensor
What a punk cant win without camping with a baby monitor!

That fool has no skill all he can do to win is use a stupid baby monitor and camp by it.
by DayLeeOwn April 14, 2011
A commonly used phrase originating on call of duty video game referring to claymores. Claymores are similar to rat traps because it is a trip mine that will go off as soon as a player walks into it or by it. basically meant to demean the player that walked into the trap by implying he was as stupid as a rat for walking into his/her own death. also referred to as mouse traps if you are trying to demean the player using them as if to imply they are scared of mice.
LOL man I just hit that dude with a rat trap!

What a camping punk cant win without using mouse traps.
by DayLeeOwn April 14, 2011