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A Good person who is glorified as a Iconic Symbol through out the globe.
My presence is felt everywhere I go,People idolize me,My celebrity status is worldwide I am looked at as a GodStar.
by Day2Day1nSociety January 17, 2011
A Full frontal expression used to compliment a women who is extremely beautiful.
That woman right their is Straight up F.A.F((Fine As Fuck)).
by Day2Day1nSociety January 05, 2011
Is an intense euphoric feeling...Especially when you are intoxicated or when you are high off of marijuana.
This Erb is pretty dank,It Got me feeling " Faded Like Yoda ".
by Day2Day1nSociety January 17, 2011
Is an emotional expression of love towards a person you love or to Give a loving long embraceful hug.(original term for this is "pillow" but in spanish it's "AL-MOHA-DA".)
Everytime the girl I love see's me or when we are together she can't stand not to give me some Almohada.
by Day2Day1nSociety January 17, 2011
An expression used when defying how you took control of a situation.
After the fight was over at the party I was at,I decided to grab the microphone & "Smoothed-em" over with my hip-hop freestyle.
by Day2Day1nSociety January 05, 2011
A state of mind,on daily a basis.
I live for each moment Day To Day In Society in a positive way.
by Day2Day1nSociety January 12, 2011
A way of compliment towards what a persons urban appearence..
Me and my friend's stay thugged up from head to toe,all day every day.
by Day2Day1nSociety January 05, 2011

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