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A player in COD (or any FPS for that matter) who either doesnt know how to play, runs out in the open like dumbass, STANDS out in the open like a dumbass, doesnt know how to take cover, or is a HARDCORE rusher.....whatever the reason may be...they are VERY easy to kill hence the term easy target

ANY person of any skill level can be an easy target due to the uprising of dickless campers,spamming of stun/flash grenades, the OVERPOWERED chopper gunner(and its equalivants) and the annoys DOGS....

EH thats about it...
(Player A gets killed 11th time in a row)

Player A: "Dude I totally suck at this game! I keep getting killed!!! These guys must be pros or something

Me:Naw bro u dont suck...they suck....your just an easy target

Player:OOOHHH ok thanks...i need to play smarter then!!
by Day1991 April 26, 2011

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