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Typically not homeless as opposed to prior thinking. Typically reasonable homes and may have blue collar jobs. Tend to be low to mid 20's. Intelligent, yet, lost in their own journey of their life. As a result GPs, tend to have a story to consciously or unconsciously to prey on their customers, clients or friends. The GP may engage you as a stranger with a story or as a friend with woes of past due bills, late rent, vet bills, lost phones, anything that may allow you to drop them a $20 bill. So noted these GPs can be your peers at work, your family. Some call this historyonic behavior which is similiar but not always money related. Basically, be aware when the story sounds too much like a bad INDIE film (and you are probably right)and are being taken adavantage of as a bleeding heart as they go home to mom and dad's mcmansions and get laughs on us. Save your $$ for those you know that have fallen on bad times and have the courage and strength to get passed and move on as opposed to those who choose to work the system. We have learned of this in New Orleans and now on the East Coast (especailly in New Hope, Pa) along with areas that draw lost souls, artists, and people visiting with lost of money. Being taken advantage of = you have been Gutter Punked.
In a city after a few drinks, 2 well dressed kids approach you and have a story about some guy who helped get their bags to their hotel room and their room key was lost and all of their stuff was gone when they went back that night to change. They approach you as strangers for money with this bleeding story. Kids were wearing cooler clothes than us and we hand over 40$ and took pictures and go to our next destination (feeling good about our good act of nature) and then "Pirate Bar" and the Irish guy laughed and said you've been Gutter Punked after we told him the story. Once home you finally realize GPs exist everywhere. Get a job! Even if you pump gas. Don't GP innocent people. PS- Karma exists and it can kick your ass back into a humble state if you misuse the universe's generous energies for malintent.
by Dax & JJ May 31, 2010

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