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Another word for booty call. Casual sex facilitated by telecommunication.
"I wouldn't say Pablo and I are seeing each other, he's just a phone n bone."

"I'm drunk and horny... who can I phone n bone?"

by Dawso35 May 24, 2008
When a woman (or man) has copped an enormous amount of dick and undertakes a self-imposed period of time, completely free of penis.
My god, I can barely walk, I am totally going on decox.

He wanted to meet up on Saturday night but I was like no way, I need to decox.
by dawso35 June 25, 2008
When you half wake up and find that you're gently masturbating (wanking)
"I'm not sure if she caught me, I was just kind of awanke."

"I awonke this morning to the sound of beautiful music"
by Dawso35 May 13, 2008
When you've had a big weekend of anal sex and and as a result your turd resembles neapolitan ice cream - the brown of the faeces, the red of the blood and the white of the semen.
Mad Dog really worked me over last night in cellblock H. I just dropped a big neapolitan in the latrine.
by Dawso35 May 11, 2008

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