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A moment in time (or all the time for Richard) where something stupid/retarded happens. Usually during times of Richard Moments, the "Richard" is completely useless. Never let a person who has "Richard Moments" to do something for you. You are better off doing it yourself. "Richard Moment" is the putting it nicely whereas the real term is "Retard Moment"
Me: Go get my keys.
Richard: Uhhhmm? Durrrrhhh?
Me: What?
Richard: Durrrrr.
Me: Are you having a Richard Moment again? Damn these Richard Moments.
by Dawnster July 11, 2011
More amazing than amazing. Marvelous, fabulous and stupefying. Only to be associated with 2 people on this planet.
"To be with you is marvelfulofying in so many ways"
by dawnster September 08, 2014

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