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someone (usually a woman) who has exercised away all of their body fat so they are a lean svelt pretzel
Madonna's looking too yogarexic. She should grab a Taco Bell with Brittany.
by Dawnelle December 28, 2007
very very concrete so that your answers are flippant and sarcastic, intentionally or accidentally
Brother: "Shut that door and get out of my room"
Sister: "But if I shut the door how can I get out?"
Brother: "don't be so conflippant!"
by Dawnelle October 29, 2008
you don't have to lie or act like you are someone else to hang out with me or be my friend
guy 1: I just got back from climbing Mt. Everest. What a high!
guy 2: Me too. I'm surprised I didn't see you there!
guy 1: don't fake it to kick it! I hang with losers, just not liars!
by Dawnelle July 10, 2008
shouting, broadcasting loudly, spreading gossip to everyone
"Don't be blasting my business everywhere"
by Dawnelle December 28, 2007
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