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A goth chick is not defined by her clothing. Goth chicks are usually artistic and intelligent individuals. Goth chicks might have endured pain in the past which might have affected their color choices in clothing, but it does not make them suicidal, depressed, or crazy. Though some might be some of these things most goth chicks are just normal girls with a different style from the "norm". These chicks have no problem expressing themselves fashionably, verbally, or through rebellion, they don't care what the public thinks about them because they are content with who they are.

Some might think its "cool" to be a "goth chick" but those are reffered to as posers. Goth is not a style or fashion trend it is a way of life or mind set. No person can just wake up one day and say "Oh, I think I'll be a goth chick today!" A goth chick did not choose to be a goth she has always been one and has chosen to embrace her way of thinking and to be proud of what she is. If you have ever "decided to be goth" I pity you and im sorry your'e a modern moron of trends, for this means you are a true poser.

Goth chicks are not defined by their clothing...EVER! If there's a group of chicks who sit in a corner talking about how they enjoyed cutting together last night with their black hair, trench coats, and masses of eyeliner...they aren't goth. Though some might be, goth chicks are usually very happy, humorous, creative people. They are fun to be around and fun to talk to. Most people are scared of goth chicks because they think they'll come after them with their razorblades and cans of hair dye, but its quite the contrary. These people just aren't afraid of making a statement and aren't afraid of societies' cruel words against them. So, actually, goth chicks are probably much happier and more content with their life then you are.

TRUE : Being outspoken about what you truely believe in and giving a crap about what the world has to say about it and wearing what you please whether it be tight black pants with a long black jacket and dyed hair or jeans, a tight shirt, and blonde hair. ITS A MIND-SET NOT A FASHION.

FALSE : Wearing all black to get attention from the world so they can see how the world has mis-treated you and how we all need to grovel at your feet and need to give you sympathy for all your pain and sorrow.....POSER!!

....by the way if you refer yorself as a goth chick just for attention you are non-other then the sucky posers of this world
by Dawn Noel February 24, 2006

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