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6 definitions by Dawgum

A bad girl is a girl who does everything a Good Girl won’t. Now most people wonder, what doesn’t a Good Girl do???? Three very basic things immediately come to mind:

1. Like it from behind (No missionary for this gal)

2. Grab headboard (Nothing like bracing up and

thrusting back)

3. Swallow (Speaks for itself!!!)
WOW, that new girl is such a Bad Girl with her “head knocking against the headboard azz”!!!!!!!
by Dawgum January 24, 2010
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Unlike the famous and totally opposite of the dynamic couple “ Brangelina”, “Pandra” are two truly mixed up individuals that can’t get shit right and never should have gotten together in the first place because watching these two is like watching a bad trailer trash high school hookup that keeps happening over and over and over again….. Pandra is synonymous with all bad relationship jokes and are the butt of all jokes dealing with relationships.
What a “focking” PANDRA those two are….
by Dawgum January 20, 2010
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This is a relativity new practice in the porn industry and home recreational freakiness. It’s usually the person responsible for bleaching the performers bung hole for a cleaner, more attractive azzhole for filming and for the freaky person at home who’s trying to get that 3rd eye to look just the right. Think about it, would you want to hit something that looked kinda dingy and just plain nasty looking, not to mention if the lighting is bad in filming you’d b looking trying to figure out WTF is that????
Hey man, did you hear you’re ex girl got a new job??? No, I didn’t…. Well, rumor has it she’s a BUNG HOLE BLEACHER and practices on herself…..
by Dawgum October 14, 2011
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Defined as the strict dietary and recreational practice of one woman eating, fondling, etc… of another woman’s vagina…. The term is used to replace harsh sounding terms such as carpet muncher, dyke and lesbian just to name a few to a more easily recognizable word using that lusciously delicious body part as the root of the word..
I had no earthly idea that Penny was a VAGINATARIAN. What, she only eats veggies??? No, that’s a vegetarian, Penny eats puzzy.
by Dawgum October 06, 2011
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Crist – Commonly used as the abbreviation for the proper name Christopher. Think about it, how many beginning school age kids can remember 11 letters??? Not many…… And besides the abbreviation “Crist” is pretty cool sounding…………..
Mom, it takes so long to write my name, all the other kids are finsihed before me??? Well Christopher, try shortening it to Crist…..WOW, that’s pretty cool….
by Dawgum January 21, 2010
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Not to be confused with the almost human droid C-3PO from Star Wars, B3D is very much human and is an acronym for "Big Burly Biker Dude". B3D fits the older biker guy persona, but our B3D is somewhat self-educated, gainfully employed and had a vast plethora of friends. B3D was best known as being a blast to hang out with at social gatherings, he was usually the first to partake in the sport of adult beverage consumption and then on to the second favorite adult guy sport, the never ending snatch hunt which usually gets pretty focking hilarious in its results. Most times, snatch hunting (not to be confused with snipe hunting) results in nothing but hard "dik" and a "pearl oyster" being lodged between the thigh skin and the inside of a pair of blue jeans (not to worry though…."pearl oysters" will come out of clothes during the “hand-wash” cycle in your washing machine).
OK gang, what’s up for later??? I dunno, let’s catch up to B3D and let the entertainment commence...
by Dawgum April 15, 2010
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