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The phenomenon of gently turning the sreering wheel in response to bouncy, inspiring music. Usually not a conscious action, it may appear suspicious to law officials observing your driving.
No officer, I have not been drinking-- I must have been car dancing!

MOM! Quit car dancing. You are making me nervous.
by Dawgmum April 12, 2010
The natural ability for certain people to drive to a large venue parking area (concert, shopping, whatever..) and invariably locate a parking spot, in the best possible place.

Others do not possess this and end up in the satellite parking lots.
Despite Black Friday crowds, Rick found a upfront parking space at the mall in record time because of his parking zen.
by Dawgmum November 15, 2009
When one is shunned, spoken ill of and otherwise ripped to shreds for reasons real or imagined. This phenomenon is seen in business, social groups and educational institutes.
Although the most effective leader their organization had ever had, she was ostercized when she disagreed with the new manager.
by Dawgmum November 19, 2010
The process by one methodically prepares an entire meal, cleans up, sweeps, puts away all cookware, dishes and leaves a sparkling clean kitchen-- all in a discrete period of time. It is akin to such scenes out of Disney movies where all is completed as if by magic.
It was amazing to watch her/his kitchen zen-- and the meal was fabulous!
by Dawgmum June 16, 2009

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