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4 definitions by Davyan

Used before the infamous ready, steady, go!

This tricks everyone in the race. They hear the beginning of "G" and assume that it stands for go. They are mistaken as the insult gaycunt is actually called. Those who have fallen for the trick are ridiculled.
Gandhi: Hey, let's race to the toilet!
Idiot1: Yeah!
Idiot2: Yeah!
Idiot3: Yeah!
Gandhi: I'll start the race.
Idiot1: Alright.
Gandhi: Ready, steady..... Gaycunt!

*Idiots 1 and 2 proceed to sprint aimlessly towards the toilet*

Idiot3: Fuck you Gandhi. Fuck you and your childish games.

by Davyan September 16, 2007
36 22
An acronym for Taste In Tunes. Many women have misinterpreted this as the slang for female breasts and thus mistakenly perceived the man as a pig, when he was actually trying to convey what excellent musical taste she has.
Charles: "What are you listening to?"
Binky: "The Cure."
Charles: "I say, nice T.I.T's."
Binky: "Thank you, care to join me for a drink of absinthe in Budapesh?"
Charles: "I'd be jolly delighted to, Binky."
by Davyan August 23, 2007
23 13
An exclamation recognising like minded intellectual thought processes.
"I was just thinking about how awesome Sean Connery is"

"GRIMCRAMP (Me too!)"
by Davyan February 03, 2009
2 0
Something Elton John or George Michael will never see, unless they look in the mirror.
Elton John: I wonder why people call me a gaycunt?

Elton John lover: Well, it's because you look really gay and act like a total cunt.

Elton John: Yeah, you're probably right.
by Davyan September 16, 2007
11 17