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Slut: A girl who sleeps around more than you do.

Compare with prude or frigid bitch: Someone who sleeps around less than you do.

This is similar to "dangerous nut case driver" = someone who drives faster than you, and "slowpoke" = someone who drives slower than you, maybe even under the speed limit.

It's all where you sit, er, lie.
What a slut! That's the third guy she's done it with this month.

What a prude (a.k.a. "frigid bitch")! She's only done it with, like, one guy this year, and she probably wouldn't even go down on him.


Oh my god! Did you see the way that dangerous nut passed us on the blind curve?

I wish they'd get these slowpoke geezers off the road.
by Davvy November 17, 2007

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