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Thanks in Russian, kinda, but not actually. But maybe.
Szanks for Chernobyl.
#thanks #chernobyl #communism #russia #mother land
by Davor jumbotron February 18, 2008
When two girls are grinding together and you and your wing man approach them from behind and proceed to grind with them pushing them closer and closer together between the two of you to form a sandwich like position. The move culminates with a large high five over the girls heads to create degradation towards these women. It is sick.
Yooo i was at the club last night and i saw these guys pull a degrading sandwich. I nearly shat my pants laughing.
#degrading #sandwich #grinding #high five #women
by Davor jumbotron February 18, 2008
A situation in which you are morally obligated to rape someone.
There was a hot redhead sleeping face down in my bed. It was a must-rape situation.
#rape #must #must-rape #auto-rape #situation
by Davor Jumbotron April 01, 2007
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