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A term used when you want someone to leave. Derived from a coach telling his players to 'hit the showers' after the game.
Was mackin' on this slapper, then this hot snatch started given me eyes. Told that slapper to hit the showers and went for better quality punani.
by Davo Brain August 04, 2005
A phrase used by Irish Pikies. The phrase refers a Pikey demanding to be fucked.
I picked up this bitch down at the local. We went back to her joint and i realised she was a Pikey cuz she lived in a caravan park! I was like fuck it..hehe..i'm gonna get me some snatch..hehe..even if she's rootin' her brother. I stripped that bitch naked and went down for a bowl of soup..hehe..she quickly grabbed my head..hehe..and said "none of that fancy stuff, just lob it in there boss".
by Davo Brain August 05, 2005
A sexual act where by a bloke is doing a chick up the ass in the doggie position. The bloke then puts one leg over the chick and places his foot on her head. Then the chick has the shit fucked out of her while her head is mashed as hard as possible.
I had this nasty biatch on the go..hehe..so i was all like "i'm gettin up in that ass bitch!"..hehehe..and she was like "yeah lob it in there boss"..hehe..and i was thinkin damn this snatch is nasty..hehe..she deserves The Hater...hehe...so i cocked my leg over her..hehe..and ground that bitches head into the dirt..hehe.
by Davo Brain August 04, 2005
To eat a chick out is to have a bowl of soup.
I went down on that bitch for a bowl of soup. The soup was off so i told that bitch to hit the showers
by Davo Brain August 04, 2005
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