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A form of platonic "wife swapping" in which married or partnered individuals go on intimate dates with other similarly committed people but do not engage in any sexual contact.

Lite swapping has all the intrigue, excitement and thrill of an extra-marital affair but without the guilt, pain and/or embarrassment. It gives couples an opportunity to explore close friendships, satisfy their curiosity and expand their knowledge base with friends and their partners without impropriety.
A group of couples go out for an evening meal and then onto a nightclub. At the end of the evening the couples decide to "lite swap". The men throw their car or house keys into a pile on a table (in order to identify them), with the women each randomly picking a bunch of keys. (If they pick their own partner they must reselect.) The owners of the keys and the corresponding female pickers then pair off and carry on an affair with their "swappee" until they decide to end the relationship by mutual consent.

Crucially, there is NO sexual contact between people in lite swapping. Usually, flirting is also considered unacceptable as this can lead to a sexualisation of the relationship and inevitable problems.
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by Davis Matthews January 31, 2008
A fake, deceptive or mendacious show of poverty.
A friend pleads poverty to avoid paying his way in a chi-chi restaurant when in fact he has money to burn. Far from being "rock bottom" he is said to be "mock bottom".
#mean #tight #skinflint #tight wad #miser #tight ass
by Davis Matthews March 03, 2008
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