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A mix between the words embarrass, and embrace. The feeling that occurs when someone embraces you and you feel embarrassed.
1. My extremely old grandmother hugged me in front of my friends... It was Embaracing...

2. My mom Embaraced me by hugging me at school.
by Davis Hay January 28, 2009
A person which is an authenticated retard. Not the morons you see everyday at your place of employment. Realtards are the real thing.
1. "The guys at work are retards... but that guy... now he is a realtard."

2. "I thought you were just another retard... but you really are a realtard."
by Davis Hay February 15, 2009
A syndrome very simmilar to Tourette Syndrome. A person afflicted with Typettes will often blurt out random profanities or onomatopoeia while typing in a IM program, chat room, or sending a text message.
1. (Typing) John:"Me and Billy walked down to the DAMN IT MOTHER FUCK store today."
Linda:"I think you may have Typettes Syndrome ..."

2. (Typing)Lora:"I think your a really cool guy Jim. I would like to CORRODED SCROTUM hang out some time for real..."
Jim:"Well... I'd love to hang out, but you have Typettes Syndrome ... sorry"
by Davis Hay March 09, 2009

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