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A person, usually heavily right-winged christian, who tries to force his religion and ideas down other people's throats. Impossible to argue with, because they always use the bible as proof that they are right. Try to censor everything. When anyone tries to stop them, they claim they are being oppressed, and the "opressor" is a liberal activist who is against people of faith. Takes the bible waaaaay too literally. Laughs whenever they are beaten in a debate, stating cockily, "Well, I win 'cause you're going to hell."
If you are a fundie, you are probably not reading this website.
by Davis 51 May 11, 2005
A Block after 11 on Cartoon Network, mondays thru thursdays, saturdays and sundays. It features more mature cartoons, including Futurama, Family Guy, and more recently, Venture Bros. It also features a wide selection of nearly uncut anime including Cowboy Bebop, Inuyasha, and most recently, Fullmetal Alchamist.
I am going to watch Adult Swim tonight
by Davis 51 November 30, 2004
A great game in it's own right, and a must-own for X-Box. Not better than Half-Life 2, but still very respectable.
I just bought Halo 2, and I love it.
by Davis 51 December 04, 2004

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