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This apparatus is a rigidly constructed of Tubular Carbon Steel, ( the stuff the Space Shuttle is made of ) anti-crush Frame provides support for individuals (the Dish)who’s Massive girth prevent them from love making with others (the Sterno) in the Prone Position .
And Candi Loveheart the well travel working girl said,, “Okayyy how about sliding onto the “Chafing Frame”, and we’ll give the old under carriage a look see ,, Shall we???
by Davie Dee August 18, 2011
Another term for the royal throne or the Kohler Krapper
Where Tom?? he's polishing the scepter the Royal Throne,,the what?? You know the Porcelain Palace?? Ohhhh thanks!!
by Davie Dee March 11, 2011
Having anal sex with an obese Asian Man
Dude He was Stuffing the Wonton so long he ran out of Duck Sauce
by Davie Dee March 11, 2011
An inordinately Large bowel movement, usually associated with dining at the local

Mexican restaurant the night before
Tom?? He's in the bunker dropping a Daisy Cutter on the porcelain palace
by Davie Dee March 11, 2011

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