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When two or more people, usually corporate idiots, have an extensive argument over something that is well known, like gravity.
I heard Ruth and Curt arguing over how long coffee break policies should be, I think they were having a dumb off.
#argument #corporate #idiots #dumb #debate
by DavidJemeyson October 20, 2011
Consultants from large firms that bury themselves, much like a tick, into corporate clients and never leave.
Hell, when Ruth got here, I knew she was a consultick.
#consultant #managers #it #assholes #jack ass
by DavidJemeyson October 20, 2011
Ramblification is when a person answers another person with a long explanation that may or may not be truthful, in an attempt to distract the person with the lengthy nature of the retort.
I was with Jemeyson and that MOFO be giving me nothing but ramblifications so I knew he be fibbin to me
#rambling #bull shitting #dumb ass #retort #answer
by DavidJemeyson October 19, 2011
High priced business technologist sometimes despised by those consultants when they have to pay the invoice.
The Chief Technology Officer called me a high priced technoho. Justin is a technoho, not me.
#slut #technologist #consultants #managers #jack ass
by DavidJemeyson October 20, 2011
What professionals, especially Information Technologist, do when trying to explain problems you are having. The over use of inside jargon and useless facts that mean nothing to the person seeking help. Doctors, lawyers, IT, and more fall into this trap all the time, rendering themselves useless.
I lost all my data on my hard drive and all the idiot from IT could do was tech talk me to death.
#technology #assholes #jack ass #managers #idiots
by DavidJemeyson October 20, 2011
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