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He does for your ears what a T-bone steak does for your mouth!!!!!
Lil jon is a godsend to the club scene. If you think he's repetetive, loud, annoying and non- complex with his lyrics, i've got news for you....
I Dont wanna hear that shit when i'm at home eating cornflakes or blastin through my livin room wall from a crazy nieghbor. i wanna hear inspired flows i can think about so i can look up and say crap like "This guy know what he's talkin about!"
But if you put me in a packed out night spot with those off beat kicks vibrating up my legs and every girl in the place creamin over those high melodies and i'll put my mother fuckin hands up high in the sky and scream "WE RUN THIS"
as many times as the king demands!
Its not Shakespeare but it still shakes like a salt shaker!!(sorry, couldn't resist)

get your ass to the club to find out how good he really is!

lil jon - rep yo city
by David osman August 29, 2006

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