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Restaurant that serves a variety of food for you to gorge on. Such items include Crab rangoon, Chicken on a stick, General tso's chicken, moo goo gai pan, seafood surprise, and botulism on the half shell.
Food may be tasty at the time but will cause explosive diarrhea 20 minutes after you eat.
Boy I sure pigged out at the chinese buffet, and now i have diarrhea so bad I can poop thru a keyhole at 30 yards.
by David W February 08, 2005
Vaginazi ADJ. combination of the word vagina and Nazi. Used to describe woman who sees their possession of a vagina as a reason to unite against those who don't have one. can be found lurking around poetry readings, art galleries, and other artsy fartsy gatherings. WARNING: vaginazis can not be dealt with reasonably. They host concerts such as Lilith Fair where they recruit more vagithugs into their numbers.
Used in a sentence, I was going to the stripclub but there were vaginazis picketing outside about womens rights and stuff so i went drinking instead.
by David W February 27, 2005
A polite curse, based on an old scottish chicken-herder slang saying. Some scottish chicken herders still use this word, although most prefer the newer, shortened version (and it's not "farg")
Oh fargevnegeruby! Me sheep are running down the shire!! Alas!
by David W January 31, 2005
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