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1.A common misspelling of okay.
2.An object/person that smells/feels/looks like a oak tree.
Mom-"where did you go today?"
Son-"i went to a oak forest, it was extremely oaky"
by David Shum February 03, 2008
To become more Asian than already is.
After James lived in Hong Kong for 11 years, he has been completely Asianized by the chinese culture.
by David Shum January 27, 2008
Looking drunk,stoned, hungover or all three without being so.
After having less than four hours of sleep last night but with ten cups of coffee, I must say I've got the fildez syndrome.
by David Shum January 28, 2008
One who does not know about the outside world, or knows nothing about other societies other than own.
"Wait, so you are from Australia, so do you ride kangaroos to school?"
"Are you serious? You are so white-like!"
by David Shum January 27, 2008
A relationship that is stopped or held back due to awkward or complicated restrictions. Usually to describe a relationship that is stopped by religion (Mormonism) or parents.
It is impossible to improve your fildezationship, especially if she is stereotype catholic girl.
by David Shum January 28, 2008
Unable to control eyes; unable to focus eyes on one thing. Usually to describe one who's eyes always stares at inappropriate places.
Many people around me have the fildezitice, from the fact that they always stare at a girl's chest instead of the face while in a conversation.
by David Shum January 28, 2008
Unlike banana, a Lemon would be an Asian that seems completely Asian in looks and character. A Banana would be "yellow outside, white inside." A lemon would be "yellow in and out."
You don't see many Lemons anymore in the States.
by David Shum January 27, 2008
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