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Carribean dialect, meaning trans: from similiar ones own yard,i.e. location, town, city or country. A yardi would be someone you know from your home town.
Annie Magnus is no yardi of mine. She was born off the Island.
by David Seaton October 19, 2004
Female, similar to a puma but still has to refine her tactics. Often watches sex in the Cityand repeats what they say in real life. The type of girl you don't bring home to meet your mother, the type gets drunk and asks to sleep over and that leaves scratches on your back just to mess you up with your current girlfriend. Potential puma, or cougar but definitely a future golddigger
Usage: yeap that girl is no puma she is just feral.

Common Annie Magus: I am a modern independant woman, but I expect to be treated like a princess... do you want a blowjob now?

other words that can be similar to feral : skank, slut, white liver, hell on someone elses wheels, devil in a dress (that is too 2 sizes to small), suburban trash.
by David Seaton June 10, 2004

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