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Noun. Race or other high-performance car that runs on regular octane gas from a standard commercial pump. Unlike fueler or fuelie, which runs on high-octane gasoline or methane, also know in drag racing as top fuel.
He tore up ashphalt in his gasser.

His gasser does low 11s in the quarter.
#fuelie #top fuel #fueler #dragster #sled
by David Sclothe November 28, 2007
Adj. Desirably powerful, aggressive, particularly in ref. to muscle cars of the 1960s.

V. Used with -up. As in, souped up.
How come my car ain't got more soup?

That gasser is totally souped up.
#sand #tuner #fuelie #gasser #blown
by David Sclothe November 28, 2007
Noun, the possession of which is used to describe anything particularly loud, powerful, manly, challenging, and potentially intimidating, usually mechanical and exciting. Often used primarily to describe hot rods.
That carb finally gave the motor some sand.
#syn: soup #grit #moxie #nerve #snort
by David Sclothe May 19, 2006
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