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Socionetworking is a verb used to describe the action of social networking. Social networking has become popular with websites such as MySpace and Facebook. Many people participate in social networking sites when they are at work or school and should not be distracted. The term "socionetworking" has a much more technical and professional connotation than "I'm on MySpace" and can be used to mask the fallacies of your work ethic and your MySpace/Facebook addiction.
I'm so beat, I've been socionetworking at work all day.
by David Kullmann April 03, 2008
Puerto Rican Tuxedo - quite possibly the classiest and longest-lasting fashion trend ever. A PRT is an all-jean outfit, usually consisting of jean pants and a jean jacket. However, there have been cases where jean shirts are worn with jean pants and no jacket (see this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHg5SJYRHA0)
I like how Rick Astley made sure to button the top button on his PRT.
by David Kullmann November 17, 2008

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