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The head of the Giant robot the Wu-tang forms into.
And the Gza the Genius he's just the genius, we form like voltron and the Gza just happens to be the head
by David Kinsman April 29, 2008
A slang term used mostly by members of the Wu-Tang clan or disiples of the 36 chambers meaning the entire borough of Brooklyn, NYC. Home town of the late great Ol' Dirty Bastard
Shame on you when you stepped through to
The Ol Dirty Bastard straight from the Brooklyn Zoo
by David Kinsman April 30, 2008
A housing project and neighborhood situated in the slums of Shaolin (Staten Island) made famous by members of Wu-Tang clan who were raised in this area, see also stapelton projects.
From Park Hill, the house on haunted hill
Every time you walk by your back get a chill - Method Man (from the song Gravel Pit)
by David Kinsman April 29, 2008
Getting arrested or caught by the police.
Man you gonna get bagged up no doubt you keep doin that stupid shit all up and down the block.
by David Kinsman April 29, 2008
Another Housing project situated in the burrough of New York City named Saholin (Staten Island) also made famous by The Wu-Tang Clan and refrenced to in much of the clan's liquid swordplay
Man hell yeah the nigga is hard you know he from Stapelton.
by David Kinsman April 29, 2008
One's fly jewlery, I.E. rings, necklaces, chains etc.
Yo check mah new drizzie just stuck up da bank and now im rollin' wit FLY shit knowumsayin?
by David Kinsman April 28, 2008
(pronounced Christ-eee) someone who is overly in love with jesus christ, to the point where he gives of a foul religious scent that would make someone want to nail themselves to a cross
alright alright i get it your in love jesus he's the savior just shut the fuck up christey
by David Kinsman April 29, 2008

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