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A male normaly young who dresses smart casual, wears labels, apears arigant and cocky but is increably spinless. Normaly has fake tan, bleached hair & is prone to wearing white vests or tight t-shirts.
A Spice Boy is a male who cares too much about his aperance and belives he is gods gift to the world.
by David Gowans May 27, 2005
A geek or nerd who concentrates his Nerdishness on one particular thing.

This can often be used as an insult informing that person that they are being a geek about something and to stop it.
Dan like fish, I wish he'd shut up about them hes a right fish spenk.

Jimmy stop rapping your rubbish you Spenk!
by David Gowans June 05, 2005

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