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2 definitions by David Delanty

A country on the central west coast of Africa. It's left of Ghana, right of Liberia, and just below Mali. It sounds really painful.
"I just spent a summer in Cote D'Ivoire"
"My goodness, how did you do that?"
"No, no, silly, it's a country. Not an injury."
by David Delanty October 25, 2005
The "Cote D'Ivoire" of South-West Asia. A country that nobody's heard of. Generally used in conversation not as an actual place, but a hypothetical location that epitomizes the middle of nowhere.
"We was on the I-60, hundreds of miles from discernable civilization, and right as we were crossing Uzbekistan, the damn truck dern puttered out."
by David Delanty October 25, 2005