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A person who tends to talk a lot of nonsense very loudly.
"I can't believe that ordinary, decent people would waste their time listening to such a bawling fart ravine!".
by David Bryant January 30, 2003
Overacting without the underlying skill to pull it off. See "Hambone."
Did you see David Caruso on CSI: Miami last night? He was shatnering so hard I thought he'd bust a vein.
by David Bryant May 07, 2004
Something which is wonderful in a soup and distressing in a movie. Connotation varies according to the likability of the actor being described, with William Shatner at the affectionate end of the spectrum and David Caruso at the other. See "Shatnering."
Yeah, Shatner's a hambone, but he's OUR hambone.
by David Bryant May 07, 2004
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