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1. a group or "flock" of preps who share similar values and over pay for brightly coloured clothing bearing the "aeropostale" logo. they are occasionally seen wearing other brand names such as holister or abercrombie. aeropostales can usually be found around the volleyball court, flirting with teachers, listening to radio music or flinching at dirty jokes
"Look, there go the aeropostales!"

"Woah, they exist outside the mall?!"

"I guess daddy's credit card got cancelled"
#preps #abercrombie kids #brats #cult #cliques
by David Berkowitz :) May 25, 2009

The person who introduces something cool to the annoying person in their circle of friends during a moment of weakness. The annoying person then proceeds to become obsessed with it and piss everyone off when they won't shut up about it. This is a derivative from the asian long-horn beetle incident. One stupid japanese pilot had to be a dumbass and fly the asian longhorn beetle over to north america and it just spread like wildfire. The term pilot is the social equivalent of this devastating event. The pilot in question can be "smuggling" things of social importance such as bands, movies, sports, drugs, fashion statements, etc.


The action of "piloting"
Miguel - hey cale, i just found this awesome band (insert band here)
Cale - great man, can you send me their songs?
Miguel- I guess I mean you don't really listen to progressive new wave post hardcore with melodic grindcore vocals but whatever..

2 weeks later

Cale - dude we have to go to the (insert band here) concert i just ordered all their action figures and tote bags off ebay!
Miguel - kay.. so did you hear jeff is leaving the band?
Cale - what..? i thought the singer was a chick!
Miguel - dumbass.. you little asian longhorn beetle..

Cale - whaat?
Miguel - oh nothing
Ken - yo miguel you still coming to the (insert band here) concert?
Miguel - yah man i think cale wants to come now too
Ken - wtf did you pilot again? be strong.
#asian longhorn beetle #los campesinos #johnny foreigner #dance gavin dance #crimpers #sponge toffee
by David Berkowitz :) June 28, 2009
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