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A white person hailing from America's deep south, Usually is republican, Conservative and posseses an intense dislike for Foreigners or at least non-Southerners.
A shitkicker is similar to a Redneck
Many people see all white Southerners as Racist redneck Shitkickers
by David Bayliss June 24, 2006
A nancy-boy football player from portugal, currently enemy #1 in england, cos' of a wink (You know what i mean) soon to be killed by Wayne Rooney
In my opinion that Cristiano Ronaldo is a proper cunt
by David Bayliss July 04, 2006
A campaign set up by UK Conservative leader David Cammeron in an attempt to try and tackle the problem of anti-social behaviour in the inner cities.
Labour: "Those fucking chavs are at it again, GET MY SHOTGUN!"

Tori: "Man that isn't going to work, You've got to kill them with kindness, HUG A HOODIE!"
by David Bayliss November 22, 2006
A game popular in American ghettos, Played with a dice.
The player rolls the dice and depending on the number wins the amount of cash thats laid on the floor!
A'yo tha gangstas are out playin' crap Games again!
Cool! Let's join in!
by David Bayliss July 07, 2006
West coast gangsta slang popularized by Rapper Spider Loc,
Means the most street credible.
"A'yo this is tha LOC, ECG, The most easty Bangadoshish G-Unit ryder"
by David Bayliss April 29, 2006
A cultural movement centered around sportswear manufacturer Nike, due to the company's huge popularity, Members of this movement merely wear nothing but Nike.
If a member is caught wearing products by reebok, adidas or puma are imediatly exculded.
Members of this culture are usually Chavs
A yo i iz got propa nike'd up
Man you a nike culture member?
by David Bayliss September 10, 2006
A london football team with an extreamly high Chav following, don't even have an englishman as captain, now that ain't right!
What! Theiery Honrey scores another goal! making him arsenal's top scorer, ...........and only scorer!
by David Bayliss July 04, 2006

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