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2 definitions by David's Wick

Amnesia caused by "benjamins" aka money.
Man1: Weren't you there during the crime?
Man2: Yeah, but I'm suffering from serious benesia. Did you see my new Ferrari?

Man1: Can I persuade you to keep quiet?
Man2: Well, with every bill in my hand my memory will get foggier. Your answer is benesia.

StudentAssistant1: Coach, I saw this guy in the shower with a 10 year-old boy! WE GOTTA CALL THE COPS!
Coach1: Settle down kid. How about we make you a coach and give you a little benesia?
by David's Wick November 10, 2011
The act of typing in random phrases in the adress bar on your internet browser in search of entertaining websites. This act is usually a result of complete boredom.
"I was so bored last night, I went domain hunting."

"What do you mean?"

"I was typing in things like www.wheresmyhammer.com and looking to see if anything funny came up. It was a complete wastenado of my time."
by David's Wick October 07, 2011