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Compound word: Ghost poopie + No wipe poopie

Also referred to as "G-No-Wipe-Poopie"

A ghost no wipe poopie refers to a situation where while engaging in defecation, one feels a dropping exit the anus and hears the incurring splash. However, upon wiping the sphincter, no remnants are visible upon the toilet paper (no wipe poopie). In addition, the droppings appear to be absent from the toilet (ghost poopie).

The result can be frantic forced recollection of whether or not the poopie actually existed. This could possibly extend into more serious psychosomatic disorders like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, eating disorders, and, of course, defecation disorders.
Please seek immediate medical attention in the event of a ghost no wipe poopie as consequences are dire.
by David Hawaii April 25, 2007
Diarrhea with a high acid content that causes severe burning sensations on and in the rectal sphincter. Can result in bleeding, chaffing, and the inability to walk properly.

Diarrhacid can also result in extraordinary pain upon sitting after business has been done.
Sounds made while trying to sit in a chair after a brutal session of diarrhacid

by David Hawaii April 25, 2007
A statement given while watching another person performing some kind of dishonest or illegal action.

Syn. Humbah, Humbalalah, Humbala Ukulele Momma Kissed The Baby Peanut Butter Jelly Daddy Did The Hula
Boy spills a glass of milk
Girl: Humbalah!
Boy: Why don't you just shut up and help, prick.
by David Hawaii May 08, 2007
To become stoned by breathing in the exhaled fumes of a pot smoker.
Dude! I'm gonna make you second hand stoned!!!!
by David Hawaii May 30, 2007
An apple mp3 player (iPod) which you have just purchased and you are showing off to your friends (even though, they all have one too, along with the rest of the world).
My + iPod = myPod

"Hey guys, look at myPod"
by David Hawaii February 23, 2007
An expression of agreement or farewell
1. You want me to have it? Shooties.
2. Shooties, I'm out.
by David Hawaii April 26, 2007
n. A quarrel occurring between two or more mokes. A potentially dangerous situation one should seek to avoid at all costs.
Holy crap is a moke fight!
by David Hawaii May 12, 2007

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