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Dried up jizz nads on a passed out ho's face!
Dang homie, you should have seen that ho Hillary when I woke up this morning dawg. She had white frost all over her face!
by David!M! December 30, 2005
Dang, after you hit that sticky sticky. A week or so later you end up having the nasty nasty, da white nasty gonnorhea shit! And that shit drips down your candle stick like some hot candle wax!
Dang that candle wax burns yo!
by David!M! December 30, 2005
When a man's member has a large kidney stone pass by ejaculating.
Dang, I had a jizz stone bust off on that ho' da other night; and it knocked that bitch out!
by David!M! December 30, 2005
O.K., let's say you are fuckin' this girl and she has gonoreah/clamidia and you use no jimmy-hoppers. You fuckin' try to JIZ and it comes out like cheeze wiz because of the glue-like gonno mixed with jizznads.
Dang, I pulled out after jizznads and cheese whiz was all over my dick!
by David!M! January 09, 2006
a precious cock, just like china! With the grooves and bumps like Stevie Wonder (braile nips) titties. It is like a precious jizz stone!
Dang, I be given that ho Hillary that white china, dawg!
by David!M! December 30, 2005

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