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A moment when listening to Explosions in the Sky where everything for those few minutes is perfect and nothing else matters. Only that room and that moment is what it is important, not the past nor the future.

One does not realize an Explosions Moment is taking place while it is occuring. They will only come to see that it took place after it has finished happening.

Most explosions moments take place when one is high or intoxicated or about to become high or intoxicated. Explosions moments work best when one is high for it is most likely to occur at that time. This is because everyone is all riled up when they are high, and they will come to this moment where everything settles down, and if Explosions in the Sky happens to be playing then
You've got an Explosions Moment.
"Hey Dan?"
"You're a cool kid."
"Aww, dude, your the coolest. Like, seriously. You rock."
"Whoa. Was that an explosions moment?!"
by Davi.! December 21, 2005
1. An exclamation to any sort of reaction, whether it be surprise, fear, or joy. Generally used in humurous ways.

2. A way to scream at a beloved family bitch, preferrably of the canine genre. One usually should place his/her thumb and for-finger on the bitches rump and squeeze rythmicly while speaking.
1. (Man gives birth to partially eaten kangeroo fetus)
"Oh shit bitch!"

2. "Now (dogs name), let me have that ass. Good dog, now siiit. Good bitch. OH SHIT BITCH! OH SHIT BITCH!"
by Davi.! December 24, 2005

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