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Condensed version of the form 'yenno,' which is taken from the expression 'you know'. Usually used in the middle of a explanation or sentence and is intended to make the listener more knowledgable following the use of the term. Can also be used in the form of 'genno what I mean'.
Did you hook up with that lassie last night?
I was talking to her and it wasn't, genno...

Look, what's the fucking story with that nugget of shite left floating in the bowl?

Aw fuck right off, I flushed the fucker but, genno...
by Davey Woodhouse Bennett June 15, 2011
The laziest, most useless being to inhabit space on the earth. Usually found doing nothing, while talking absolute shite about all intended plans and nonsense. Chronic masturbation is associated with the behaviour of a slugrat , who simply has too much time on his hands because he can't be bothered to do something productive.
What did you do today mate?
Well I looked for jobs, went to the gym, I was busy genno.
Yeah, how many wanks did you have today?
Eh, about four, maybe more, I dunno, can't remember
You're such a fucking lazy slugrat

Here slugrat do something with your life!!!
by Davey Woodhouse Bennett June 15, 2011
A complete and utter lazy individual. Will sit in the same position for hours on end, watching mindless television, only diverting its mind to occasionally masturbate into a sock, dirty boxers or on to a wall. Is void of brain cells and lives in a fictious dream world. Desire to one-day penetrate its father's anus.
What are you doing there,ye bloody Lugg?
Nothing ye mad egg.

'You'd wanna see the chickdoggs I was chatting to last night. Massive J's and big blowjob lips. I was defo in there.'
Yeah, did you get any digits?
'Nah, I could have though. She was digging me.'
What are you on about ye fucking Lugg, she couldn't stand the sight of ye.

Would you swallow your Da's jizz to save his life?
Yeah, of course I would!
Would you let him blow beans all over your face?
Yeah, if I had to.
You're a fucking Lugg!
by Davey woodhouse Bennett August 19, 2012
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